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On the new XMPP server and high release frequency

Since quite a month there is a new XMPP server on the market, called Prosody. Today version 0.2.0 has been released with some new features which you can all read up in the release notes.

Version 0.2.0 has been released just one month after version 0.1.0 and four months after development began. With currently nearly one month between a release and the next we have a good release frequency which is fairly important for a project, especially for one which focuses on ease of prototyping new features in and a protocol around it like XMPP with is evolving pretty fast.

With consent of all the other developers, Waqas and my humble self, Matt dictated the use of Lua for the server which has quite some advantages.
Since it's an interpreted language you don't have to wait for building to test some changes you made or don't need stuff like autoconf to build your project cross-platform. However we have some binary modules for encryption and more low-level stuff.

The resulting server is pretty fast, already implements quite some XEPs while not being a memory beast like eJabberd. Not to forget the nice side affect of using Lua as implementation environment which is that you can easily add new protocols to it and test them. This should help us to push the interesting and important XEPs server side so that the client developers get in charge to implement them on their side.

So feel free and grab Prosody from its download page, test it and if you find some please report bugs on the mailing list or in the chat room.


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