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GSoC '10: Final Report

This is my final report on my Google Summer of Code 2010 project. During the last three months I've learned quite a lot about Psi's and Iris' codebase and implemented most of what's been planned.

I started off implementing a new SASL mechanism, SCRAM-SHA-1, in Psi which will be used if no external SASL library is available.
Using this mechanism users can login securely even over unencrypted connections and if they want Psi to remember their password, this can be done more securely if SCRAM-SHA-1 is available at the server.
More on this part here.

The second part of the project was implementing Stream Management, XEP-0198, in Psi. Luckily, Matthew Wild, one of Prosody's main developers, started to implement it around the same time so we could easily test each independent implementation against each other.
I've implemented the most important and interesting parts of XEP-0198: stanza acknowledgment and stream resumption. Together they make chatting, but basically everything in XMPP, more reliable.
Especially stream resumption is nice in case your connection is dropped. In this case you don't have to go through the whole roster retrieval and presence distribution steps again. The stream resumption part wasn't that easy to implement, because currently Psi destroys its complete XMPP stack state on disconnection with the server.

During the last couple of weeks I've added a new groupchat join dialog to Psi. This included reusable data models for browsing server room listings, bookmarks and history of joined rooms. Additionally the new dialog lets you choose more than one room to join. I've also modified the still existing old join dialog (It still exists because it also handles join logic.) to support bulk join. This means if you join multiple rooms on login, due to bookmarks, or via the new join dialog, the dialogs indicating join process are hidden as long as no error occurs.

It was quite interesting getting to know Psi's and Iris's codebase which are from quite varying design quality considering their parts but most of the time it was quite understandable and Justin, Psi's and Iris's original and main developer, was always able to answer my questions on the code and design.
Coding in the GSoC umbrella organisation XSF was quite fun and well organized. The weekly meetings helped to keep you on track and frequent reports from fellow student kept you up to date on their projects' progress.

All the developed code is available at my github account.

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