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Alpha Release of the Designer

A lot has changed since the last blog post which is just about one week ago. The designer of the data form designer suite for xmpp is ready for some bug testing so I released an alpha release 0.1.0 of it. Now I'm going to concentrate on the console form provider. So feel free to test it and report bugs under my JID. At the bottom of the page there are downloads for the sources of the designer and prebuild binaries for windows.

Here is a small screencast which shows nearly all the forms which are supported by the designer and how to change access control. Just click on the image below.

Here are two screenshots which show the form you just saw in the screencast displayed by Psi and Tkabber. I created the form with the designer and saved my work. Then I've just opened the XML file and copied the form XML into the XML console of my jabber client. Later you'll upload the XML form file from the designer just to the data form provider of this suite and this provider will then send the form on-demand out to the users and store the results.

Filename MD5 SHA1 Size
formdesigner-0.1.0-src.7z 02abb199 c93d0447 da12d9da fcdaa363 bb341326 67a03b18 9343cf4b bac3945b 82ea4541 251.45 KB
formdesigner-0.1.0-src.zip 377c587d f8b0c36a 8a21e44f ea58215b d6fa9440 d3560917 cb468ee6 ae9acf6f cd6f5a8e 342.78 KB
formdesigner-0.1.0-win.7z 5ee24882 6c621c18 078bafa0 c806b16a 890343ed a9fb0173 d4812802 1f736f64 79c9b839 692.78 KB
formdesigner-0.1.0-win.zip cbafda9f d158e14c 0e4aaba5 81df12b8 3aa64a64 c81c8c7f f9a654c1 c0790943 6be12bce 1.08 MB
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Loading and Documentation


After clearing some issues about jid-single and jid-multi field type in XEP-0004 I've just started to implement these last field types which were missing last week.
I've also send in a patch for which makes fltk::ToggleItem and fltk::RadioItem work in fltk::Browser and fltk::MultiBrowser. All other field types are now implemented. Source code documentation which is real-time synchronised with project's repository is available at doc.ayena.de.

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