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Making the World a More Reliable Place to Chat

So coding time of Google Summer of Code 2010 just began and I wanted to put out some introductory note about what I'm planning to archive this summer.

This summer I'll be working on the Psi project, an advanced cross-platform XMPP client. My official public abstract of my GSoC '10 project is available here.

The project consists of mainly four parts:

  1. implementing the new SCRAM-SHA-1 SASL authentication mechanism

    This should be a rather easy part. Adding SCRAM-SHA-1 to Iris, Psi's core XMPP C++ library based on the Qt framework. Additionally I'll try to introduce the ability to store the password in hashed form, if the user wants to store it at all. However this demands you're using a XMPP server supporting the SCRAM SASL mechanism and it's using a constant salt and iteration count.

  2. implementing XEP-0198 for a more reliable client-to-server connection

    XEP-0198 has been developed in the XMPP community because reliability is still a problem when communication over the internet, even when using TCP. This protocol extension provides features like stanza acknowledgment, session resumption and throttling. Using this XEP clients can tell the user that she/he can be sure that the message reached the server or if there has been a problem. No more strange wondering about messages getting lost.

  3. implementing XEP-0184; this way you can let your chat partner know you've read a message

    The guys from the Psi+ project already wrote a patch for this as I found out a couple of days ago. I'll evaluate the patch, merge it and make it works in a decent way. You don't want to spam people with message receipt requests.

  4. redesigning the multi-user conference join dialog

    Currently you have your bookmarked rooms in a drop-down menu, the recent joined MUC rooms in the join dialog and public rooms available at your server are accessible via the service discovery dialog. I'll try to unify those three use cases in a single MUC dialog which should easy to process of joining MUCs.

So if you have ideas on any of those items let me know. I'm hanging around in the Psi and Psi+ chat rooms.

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