Outgoing File Transfer And Fallback Working

Another short update on the progress on the Jingle file transfer for Swift project.

Outgoing file-transfers using Jingle over IBB work now.

The fallback scenario with Pidgin is working now, too. I forgot to send a candidate-error back to Pidgin, which it was waiting for. Now, after Swift send the candidate-error Pidgin correctly answers with a transport-replace. File-transfer using IBB works now from and to Pidgin's jingle-ft branch.
This fallback protocol flow is described in XEP-0260.

Next on the list of things to do would be extending the existing SOCKS5 code connection to connect to other clients and allow connection from other clients. To increase the likelihood of a real peer-to-peer connection, UPnP/NAT-PMP support is planned using libminiupnp and libnatpmp.
Not to forget the Swift integration, meaning GUI work, so end-users can actually send and receive files to other users.

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