Hello Summer of Code '11

Yup, that's right. I'm participating in Google Summer of Code again.

This time it's for the Swift project, a XMPP client project based on a new XMPP library called Swiften. This is a completely fresh codebase, all written in C++ and based on boost, libxml, Expat, OpenSSL and Qt for the GUI.

This year's project is about adding Jingle File Transfer support to Swift(-en) including the transport dependencies and user interface components for Swfit. The plan is to have working file-transfer in Swift(-en) that works in as many network environments as possible, may it be behind some kind of firewall at university or just behind your home router which is doing NAT.

The first three weeks I've implemented a couple of parsers and serializers related to the XEPs around file transfer, including unit tests for them. I've also finished up some already existing code related to Jingle which has been written by Remko Tronçon, my mentor during Google Summer of Code 2011.

What's next? - Next on the list is getting the file transfer logic done and writing ReceiveFile and SendFile command line applications that provide basic testing for file transfers over XMPP.
So expect further and more frequent updates about this project.

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