GSoC '10: Stanza Acknowledgement update #2

Here another short update:

Stanza acknowledgement from the server to the client is now done so acknowledgement requests coming from the server get answered correctly. A couple of days ago I've discussed with Justin how the client to server direction is best implemented and at what layer of Iris it's done best. I've modified the default chat dialog so it can be notified when a stanza which originated from it has been acknowledged by the server. This will be displayed to the end user by special coloring of the message or something similar.

What's next:

  • queueing outgoing stanzas for possible resend and also as container of messages that need to be acknowledged
  • request an acknowledgment every minute or when the sending queue is bigger than 10
  • mark acknowledged and unacknowledged messages differently in the UI

The next two weeks i'll be taking semester exams so I've less time for GSoC coding. However directly after those two weeks there's a semester break for 6 weeks in which all my time is available for GSoC and Psi coding. YAY.

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