Digging Around In Old State Machines

I've finally begun to start implementing Stream Management in C++ for Iris.

Detecting the stream feature and enabling stream management, while sounding like a quite simple task, was a small adventure on its own.

Iris code that handles the whole XMPP login process (STARTTLS, TLS, compression, binding) dates back to 2004. Back then it has been designed as a state machine you run through during login and end up in a simple proxy state. Altogether this approach means mixing the code of complete distinct features like binding and SASL together in a couple of state handling functions using large if/elseif/elseif/... blocks.

Luckily Justin Karneges, the main author of Iris, was online and he could help me out with some debugging.

So what's next on the list: acknowledge the request of the server and sending own requests.

Finally, now that both the XSF and Google packages are underway, it should give me some extra motivation for coding.

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