Data Form Designer Suite for XMPP - Release 0.2

Google Summer of Code 2007 has ended yesterday and all students have to put their pencils down but that doesn't stop me from releasing some binary builds for MacOS X and Windows. Here is the promised update.

I've achieved all goals I mentioned in my application but there are still some bugs in the formprovider and formdesigner. So if you find them please post them at or contact me.

I've worked mainly on the formprovider since last release; therefore there haven't been any big changes in the designer. It's completely controllable via ad-hoc commands, results are stored either in CSV or XML, you can set time frames when you publish some form to users, upload designed forms via file transfer and even download the results through file transfer.

What's left to do is, well, there are people who like it...DOCUMENTATION. To be more precisely, end-user documentation and tutorials which show how easy the formdesigner is to use and how you can use the formproivder to provide those forms to your users.

Filename Description Size
dataformdesignersuite.0.2.dmg Universal binaries for Intel and PPC Macs 7.88 MB Binaries for Win (32-bit) 1.40 MB
dataformdesignersuite.0.2.tar.bz2 Source package(You'll need gloox and fltk2!) 188 KB
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